Monday, September 3, 2007


I love pizzas - they are an absolutely ideal and practical approach to healthy food. At least, from my point of view. The market for Pizzas in Pakistan is however quite not saturated as it should be. There is plenty of room for competition. The first Pizza outlet to open up was if I'm not mistaken was Gino's. Great Pizza!!! but poor marketing. They thought they didn't need to - until Pizza Hut came along. At first it was good, but then the standard dropped. After this we had Pizza Express (not so bad at first) but as usual, when operated by Pakistanis, the standard drops. The franchise closed and the name was changed to Pizza Xperts that still operates a few outlets in Karachi. Soon after that came Pizza Next - their main idea was to capitalize on the Pizza Hut market share by offering same quality pizzas for lesser price and quite a good job they did!!! Following that success story Dominos' decided to join the band wagon. Unfortunately, poor management and marketing research lead to a Pizza which is more like a piece of naan with curry and few pieces of chicken on it. Last but not the least Papa Johns ...ahhhhhh Authentic pizzas at last!! Well, not 100% but they come closest to what my taste buds would like to treat themselves to. Infact Papas have been my next best hangout after Cafe Coffee Day.

I'm sure the market is ready for another Pizza outlet that can come up with more authentic pizzas for our Pakistanis who have by now adapted well to this amazing Italian concept.