Saturday, June 30, 2007

of cats and dogs

Heavy rains in the city. Dad came back all soaked from head to toe but its so surprising that we dint get even 1% of the rain that the rest of the city got. I feel kinda left out now that dad has told me the story.

It would have been amazing had the school been open. Last year we had an amazing time bunking out of school right before the first class. There may have been at least 7 people stacked in my santro as we discovered parts of the city which we had imagined, never existed. One hell of a ride. This time though the inclement weather kinda took a toll on everyone. I stayed home watching the formula 1 qualifiers. Luckily KESC stopped playing tricks right when the race was about to start. Too bad Alonso had an engine failure. I have kept such high hopes off him all thru the season.

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday. There is a surprise I should rather keep off the internet, at least for now. But its very exciting and I have a couple of her friends in on the secret so its rather well planned.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

the wait is over! im here!

Okay alright!
You must be wondering who I am and why you would be waiting for me!
Well, there can be one of many reasons why you'd want to know yours truly, some of which might be the fact that I'm just too good to be true (goes out to all you ladies out there...your knight has arrived on his steed!)

Let me take this chance to tell you a bit more about me before you start drooling all over your keyboard

Sarmad a.k.a. the world's biggest Manchester united fan!
I'm a go getter and don't usually sit around using the internet!

You'd mostly find be either hanging with my pals, playing soccer or gobbling down my favorite Chinese dish! (long live the chinese for their gift of their cuisine to the world!)

Although on many a occasion, I'd be out with on a date...or two....depending on my schedule ... (ahem)

So rest assured, you're gonna get something tasty each time you pop by to check out the latest "adventures"
in my life.. but for now....cheerio!!